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Sarah Lacy has experience teaching riders from a variety of backgrounds and across a wide range of levels. She values a strong foundation and feels it is key to making horses and riders, well-rounded athletes. Each rider benefits from a custom program, with exercises tailored to each individual's current level and future goals. Sarah wants to help every rider be a better partner to their horse!

Lessons are offered in the English disciplines. We welcome a wide range of experiences and aspirations, and we look forward to hearing about your experience and goals- come prepared to learn!

Jasmine, client since 2022

“I am so glad I found Sarah and Apollo Equestrian! Sarah is an empathetic instructor with an intuitive sense of the different learning styles and needs of her students. I appreciate her positivity and encouragement in our lessons, which are always fun and productive. In addition, as a working student, I also appreciate her patience and willingness to teach the basics of horse care and groundwork. I highly recommend her!”

These policies ensure that our lesson horses are healthy and sound and that our instructors are compensated fairly. They allow us to care for our lesson horses to a very high standard.


Jumping: Please be aware that to jump during lessons, students riding lesson horses must be in weekly lessons. This policy is for the safety of our riders and the well-being of our lesson horses.

Cancellation Policy: Lessons canceled by the client within 24 hours of the lesson start time will be billed to the client. If you have a prepaid lesson package, the canceled lesson will be deducted from the lesson package. If lessons are paid individually payment is due within 24 hours of cancellation. Cancellation fees may be waived at Apollo Equestrian's sole discretion.

Find more information on our FAQ Page!


Please be Mindful of our Policies

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