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Sarah Lacy (formerly Sarah Hughes) is the owner, founder, and head trainer of Apollo Equestrian LLC. Sarah received riding lessons from her parents for her sixth birthday and has only left the barn when necessary since then! Beyond teaching her the basics of riding and horsemanship, her early learning opportunities nurtured her love for horses and her passion for equestrian sports- which is what she endeavors to do for every one of her students! Already driven by a desire to challenge herself and compete, she joined a challenging hunter barn at a young age, where she competed in hunters and equitation and began building a solid foundation over fences and on the flat that would serve her well for years to come.


At age 10, Sarah’s family moved overseas to Lyon, France. Sarah may not have known the language, but it was not enough to keep her out of the saddle. Thanks to her supportive parents and saintly instructors, she continued to learn about riding and horsemanship (and learned to speak French fluently in the process). The French horseback riding program emphasizes the value of cross-training, and Sarah moved up the levels as an amateur in Eventing, jumpers, and dressage. This is when she fell in love with eventing. Sarah competed locally and nationally as a teenager in France and discovered a love for bringing young horses up the ranks in the English disciplines, maximizing the potential of young equine athletes. She learned the value of hard work and grit when it comes to chasing goals. Sarah not only made memories that will last a lifetime, but she brought the enthusiasm of her childhood friends as well as the invaluable experiences gained during her time in France to Apollo Equestrian.


Sarah’s family moved back across the Atlantic to Western Michigan as she was finishing high school. Here, Sarah and her family also purchased her first horse, Apollo. She and the gregarious thoroughbred competed in hunters and jumpers before they both moved to East Lansing while Sarah attended Michigan State University.


While at Michigan State University, Sarah pursued a double major in Microbiology and Human Biology. Due to the demanding curriculum, success at shows became a long-term goal rather than a short-term one. Even though she and Apollo weren't actively competing, they continued to further their education with a dressage instructor and judge, turning their focus to flatwork that would make them both stronger competitors and athletes. Sarah missed the horse show weekends, but the time away from the show ring allowed her and Apollo to build a deeper partnership and Sarah was able to focus her attention on learning more about horse management and care. To this day, she continues to receive compliments about the amazing health and condition of all her horses. The friendships and professional contacts made during her time in Michigan have continued to be an inspiration and motivation behind Apollo Equestrian.



In 2016, Sarah and Apollo were once again on the road, en route to Northern Colorado. Here, in an environment designed to teach and motivate riders, Sarah and Apollo once again thrived thanks to the expertise and guidance of local professionals. Shortly after their arrival, Sarah and Apollo returned to the show ring! Witnessing the dedication to her personal development as an equestrian, Sarah was encouraged to follow her passion and Apollo Equestrian was founded, allowing Sarah to share her enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge with the horse community in Northern Colorado.


Sarah continues to expand Apollo Equestrian’s training and lesson programs and offering more learning and competitive opportunities for herself and her clients. She looks forward to working with talented young horses and most importantly, helping horses and riders find their perfect match! Sarah enjoys working with all different kinds of horses but has a soft spot for the thoroughbreds as unparalleled athletes with hearts bigger than anything you can imagine! She has worked with many talented thoroughbreds and loves the idea of advocating for these horses and helping them flourish in new careers. Sarah also hopes to become a certified instructor through the USEA Instructor Certification Program. 

Sarah’s personal riding goals include continuing to compete in Eventing and bringing young horses up the levels. Sarah takes lessons and attends clinics as a rider or auditor. Sarah doesn’t just love to teach, she loves to learn as well and feels this is the hey to the development of any professional- and a day spent with horses is a great day!


When Sarah is not at the barn, she spends time with her husband Jeff, their dogs, Loki and Fred, and their cat Whispurr. 


Memories from over the years

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