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Apollo Equestrian LLC

About Apollo Equestrian

Apollo Equestrian LLC is a training and lesson operation in Northern Colorado, founded by Sarah Lacy. We proudly serve horses and riders in Fort Collins, Loveland and the surrounding areas in the English disciplines. At Apollo Equestrian, the ultimate goal is to help horses and riders build a partnership, excel as athletes, and create a safe and supportive learning environment.


As an instructor, Sarah Lacy values a strong foundation and feels it is key to making horses and riders, well-rounded athletes. She has experience teaching riders from a variety of backgrounds and a range of levels. Each rider benefits from a custom program, with exercises tailored to each individual students’ current level and future goals. Whether you’re a rider who wants to challenge yourself at home or you have a competitive spirit, Sarah wants to help every rider be a better partner to their horse. Learn more about our lesson program!


As a trainer, Sarah Lacy seeks to help every horse be at their best. She loves seeing a horse learn new skills and refine their existing abilities. She loves seeing green horses develop into athletes and helping trained horses become the best versions of themselves with proper nutrition, care, and fitness programs. Every horse is an individual, each horse and rider partnership is different, and so every training program is tailored to the individual horse and rider. Learn more about our training programs!

As a rider, Sarah Lacy pursues her own riding goals with passion and enthusiasm. She is always seeking to improve her riding and horsemanship, learning from local, nationally known, and internationally-known equine professionals. Sarah brings her love of learning to every lesson she teaches and is always seeking to develop her knowledge in the best interest of her horses, her clients, and herself. She has her eyes on a bright future which includes helping develop young equine athletes, becoming a better competitor herself, and helping her riders achieve their goals and build a partnership with horses. Learn more about Sarah!

Comprehensive Professional Support
Apollo Equestrian's COVID-19 Response

Updated June 2021:

Information regarding COVID-19 is changing daily (and in some cases, hourly). The information I have now is based on what is available to me as of writing this update. At this time, there is no Stay At Home Order and lessons are continuing as planned.

Below I have outlined the temporary protocols that will be in place relating to COVID-19 for clients riding lesson horses at our new location. When you schedule a lesson, you are accepting that it is possible that you will get sick.


It would be unrealistic for me to say that the measures below guarantee anyone’s safety. My goal is to minimize risk, but it is important that you all understand that I cannot eliminate risk entirely. While I don’t want to scare anyone, I don’t want to give anyone a false sense of security.


  • Do not come to lessons if you are sick. If you believe you may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, follow current local guidelines. If you have been sick or tested positive for Covid-19, follow current local guidelines.

  • Follow social distancing recommendations.

  • Wash hands with soap and water, and use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

  • Don't touch your face.

  • Make an effort to only touch the items needed to handle, tack up, ride, and untack your horse.

  • Feel free to bring face masks and/ or gloves to wear while grooming and tacking up. I am concerned that wearing face masks while riding would make it difficult for us to understand each other, and it is necessary that students and I are able to communicate clearly. At this time I don’t feel it is safe to wear face masks during the mounted part of lessons, a horse and rider and instructor can typically keep a minimum of a 6-foot distance easily.

​I have never been more grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive group of clients than I have been throughout the pandemic. I thank you all for your support during these challenging times, and I want you all to know you have my support as well. Thank you to those who have offered the horses and me help and support, it means more than you know. We will get through this!

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