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Where is Apollo Equestrian?

Apollo Equestrian is based at Kayenta Equestrian in Loveland.

What are my responsibilities as a student?

Apollo Equestrian shares the facility with boarders and other students, so please be respectful of others in shared spaces. Remove any manure from your horse from the grooming areas and please leave the space where you groomed your horse tidy. Students are expected to wipe down tack at the end of their leason after they use it.

Remember that this facility is a learning space, and when handling and caring for horses, always do so to the best of your ability. Please lead by example when it comes to horsemanship- you never know if a new student or horse owner is watching!

Why might my lesson be canceled or rescheduled?

If Apollo Equestrian may reschedule or cancel a lesson for a few reasons, never at any charge to the client. The most common reason is weather. We love Colorado, but the weather is not always compatible with riding horses! If the temperature is below 20F or above 90F, the lesson may be rescheduled for the health of horse and rider. High winds, thunderstorms, snow and unsafe driving conditions may also lead to rescheduling lessons.
The instructor may also reschedule due to an illness or personal emergency. If a horse has an illness, soundness concern or if Apollo Equestrian is otherwise concerned for the horse’s well-being, the lesson will be rescheduled.
When rescheduling Apollo Equestrian will do their best to accommodate clients within the next five to seven business days.

If a client-owned or leased horse has an illness, soundness concern, or if the client/ owner or Apollo Equestrian are otherwise concerned for the horse’s wellbeing, the lesson will be rescheduled. The client will not be billed for this lesson. A lesson horse may be made available to the client based on availability- this is not guaranteed.

What should I bring to my lesson?

Come to every lesson prepared to learn and ready to be challenged! Students must provide their own helmets and riding attire. ASTM certified helmets are required for all students while mounted- no exceptions! Fitted pants and boots with a heel are also required for your safety. Make sure what you’re wearing is weather appropriate, and no matter the weather bring a water bottle and we also recommend sunscreen! Colorado is very dry and riding is a physical activity, so stay hydrated. Please also remember to bring payment for lessons if not paid in advance.

How do thew Beginner Format lessons work?

For beginner students, the lesson time will be 60 minutes. This includes 15-20 minutes grooming and tack up instruction, 25-30 minutes ride time, and 15-20 minutes grooming and untacking instruction. Once the student and Sarah agree they can comfortably handle horses, tack up and untack by themselves, they will be able to join lessons where they will be expected to be tacked up and ready to ride at their scheduled lesson time.

What can I expect from my lessons with Apollo Equestrian?

Sarah’s priority is to create a safe and supportive learning environment for every student and every horse. She provides custom lesson programs tailored to each client’s current level and goals. One of the compliments she receives most frequently about her teaching is that she is very good at “meeting riders and horses where they are” and we think that’s a pretty awesome compliment! She does her best to bring new exercises to the table every lesson, and make sure each lesson builds on the last. For new clients who already have horse experience, the first few lessons may involve a review of acquired skills. As Sarah gets to know the student she puts together a more detailed plan based on how the student’s level and how the student learns best. For every student that is new the program Sarah sets aside time to help with tacking up and cooling down (at no additional cost to the student). This ensures that the new client knows where everything is and horse and rider will be safe- we call it the “orientation lesson.” 
For students new to riding, Sarah has created a unique beginner program that includes instruction on the ground and in the saddle. Sarah takes great pride in the fact that her students are not only skilled riders but also proficient horsewomen and men.

How long before every lesson should I arrive, and how long can I expect to stay after a lesson?

For students tacking up independently:

Sarah wants every student to get the most out of their time with horses, both in the saddle and on the ground. It takes most students 20-30 minutes to tack up and about 30 minutes to untack, so expect to spend approximately two hours at the barn if you’re riding for a full hour. Please allow enough time before and after the lesson to care for horses. Lessons that start late because the student is not ready will still end on time.

What payment methods does Apollo Equestrian accept?

Apollo Equestrian currently accepts: 

- Check (made out to Apollo Equestrian)

- Venmo (@apolloequestrian)

- Zelle (

I already love Apollo Equestrian! How can I support you?

Apollo Equestrian currently accepts: 

- Check (made out to Apollo Equestrian)

- Venmo (@apolloequestrian)

First and foremost- thank you for your support! 
Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and comment and like our posts if you are inclined- this increases our online presence and visibility. If you would like to submit a testimonial to be on Apollo Equestrian’s website, please send it by email to These contributions mean more than you know!
Much of our new business comes from referrals. Please help spread the word by sending your friends and family members our way!

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