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Welcome to Apollo’s Blog!

First, you should learn a little bit about Apollo:

Apollo was purchased when I had just moved back to the United States from France and was riding at a Hunter/ Jumper barn in Michigan. I have been beyond fortunate to work with many talented horses and knowledgeable trainers. Almost twelve years and a million adventures later, I can say that this smart, opinionated chestnut gelding is the single largest contributing factor to my success and knowledge as a rider and what I have learned so far as a horsewoman. Whether or not I could have done what I’ve done without him is irrelevant- the journey would have been so different! Apollo still challenged me and surprised me on a regular basis, even after more than a decade of partnership. I am so proud of the horse he became and the rider I have grown up to be with him. He was brave (even when I was not), intelligent, and such a teachable horse. I can only hope we exceeded each other’s expectations. I never had anyone sit on this horse and not find him a pleasure to ride, and that is the greatest compliment I can receive as an owner and now a trainer.

When I decided to start an equestrian business, I hardly considered any name other than Apollo Equestrian. This was to remind myself, as I continued my adventures in the crazy industry, to remember what I’ve learned so far. A reminder to be patient when I’m frustrated, to have a Plan B for when your horse gets too smart for Plan A, and to know when to ask for help. You will see him featured in many of the pictures throughout the website and this blog. I loved teaching lessons with him since I can rely on him to take care of students when it matters while still providing a challenge when needed. He was the been there, done that, has the T-shirt horse.

And now a little bit about this blog:

Apollo is the horse who is to thank for so many of the lessons, insight and even wisdom I hope to pass on to you here. I hope that here you will find some answers if you have questions and offer motivation and inspiration if that’s what you seek! Topics will vary from exercises to help you and your horse, to our favorite horse-related items, to horse care, handling and riding tips. I’ll help you find new ideas to make your riding and training program more varied and interesting for you and your horse. If I can, in some small way help you reach your goals I hope to do just that- whether you are an occasional rider wanting to enjoy your horse or a serious competitor.

I will do my best to make sure this blog is for the benefit of the readers. This means I will do my best to present controversial topics from multiple sides, and welcome constructive criticism, other points of view, and honest, kind feedback. I would love to hear what works from you and what doesn’t.

If you have any interest in being a guest contributor, please contact Sarah!

Thank you for reading, and ride on!

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