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Heritage Gloves- all the Heritage gloves! This is the only brand of gloves I buy these days. I love that they have quality gloves made from real leather that’s soft and supple. So many brands only have synthetic material these days, and I find that synthetic gloves wear out more quickly because, unlike leather, can’t be cleaned and conditioned. I’ve said it before- the key to making leather last is quality leather cared for using quality products. I own these three pairs of Heritage gloves:

Heritage Pro-Air Show Glove: I love quality leather gloves, so I use these every day (not just to show). They’re soft, breathable and beautiful! They keep my hands cool all summer long.

Heritage Deerskin Winter Trail Gloves: These are soft leather gloves, the perfect weight for winter riding. I love the soft fleece lining, and the fine leather that still allows for a good connection with your horse. On days where it’s chilly but still too warm for riding in these gloves (they’re cozy!) I’ve found these fit right over my Pro-Air summer weight gloves while I tack up and untack, and then I can take them off to ride!

Heritage Extreme Winter Glove: I’ve had the same pair since I lives in Michigan years ago, and, while I personally find them too thick to ride with, they keep my hands warm on the coldest day in winter. Plus, they have pockets for hand warmers for extra warmth!

What’s the price point? About $30-$45 depending on the model.

Where can I buy these? Many Online Retailers.

What products do you want to hear about, and what products do you use? We want to hear from you, please comment below! 👇👇👇

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